As many businesses are evaluating re-opening their business or opening their business back up to the public, that doesn’t necessarily mean COVID-19 is no longer a threat to your operations. What’s more, some businesses may have greater COVID-19 exposures than others, underscoring the importance of performing a thorough risk assessment before reopening. Prior to conducting a risk assessment, it’s important to review guidance from OSHA, state and local agencies, industry associations as well as your local health department.

Our sample “Returning Workforces and COVID-19 Vaccines” serves as an example plan for businesses to use as a template when preparing their own plans for reopening their business following the coronavirus pandemic. It does not account for state, local or industry-specific guidance related to COVID-19, but follows the guidance laid out by the CDC and OSHA that is designed to keep employers, employees and customers safe.

Note: This plan will need to be customized prior to use.
OSHA Guidance on Returning to Work
HR Toolkit – CDC COVID-19 Resources
Covid-19 Employer Return to Work Guide
How to Wear a Face Covering Poster
Office Closing for COVID-10 Letter
Cleaning and Disinfecting Your Facility
Return to Work Action Plan Discussion Guide
Post-coronavirus Workplace Preparedness Checklist
Responding to a Positive COVID-19 Test Checklist
Return to Work Communications Planning Checklist
Chart – Reopening Workplaces During COVID-19
Workplace Decision Tree
Schools Decision Tree
Restaurants and Bars Decision Tree
Childcare Decision Tree
Camps Decision Tree

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