In 2012, Greg Prentice left the global broker world behind, where customer needs were secondary to quarterly results and shareholder value. Greg envisioned a better way to provide creative solutions, superior service, and accessible resources while delivering tangible and measurable financial results to his clients. Shortly thereafter, he partnered with the two Steves to round out his dream team. Steve Hanrahan brought financial backing and expertise in large commercial accounts and Steve Tusa brought his experience as a risk manager and vision of a staff of top-notch consulting professionals. With that, life was given to resecō Insurance Advisors.


We focus on our client’s risk tolerance, providing options that will empower their business making decisions. By collaborating for better client outcomes and never compromising our ethical standards, we are able to adapt to industry changes as well as customer demands. This creates a safer, healthier, and more productive work environment for our clients with an approach that is fun and engaging.

Resecō has and continues to build, create and develop the most sought after team of risk advisors that provide unparalleled professional services for the benefit of our clients, partners and friends.

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