Warren Buffet mentored Bill Gates, Maya Angelou mentored Oprah Winfrey, and Ralph Waldo Emerson mentored Henry David Thoreau. These are just a few examples of some of the most successful people of all time — and they each credit their mentors as having made a substantial difference in their careers. This illustrates how crucial a formal mentorship and development program can be to your organization’s success. In fact, a balance of mentoring and development is important to overall leadership success in any organization.

Effective mentoring significantly increases productivity and supports your employees to deliver a positive business impact for your company. Mentored employees tend to make fewer mistakes on the job, cutting losses to employers, because they often turn to their mentors for advice. Mentored employees typically have greater job satisfaction and feel more loyalty to their companies, which can lead to higher engagement and retention. Finally, a mentoring program may possibly attract new employees to your company.

Leadership development is critical to succession planning: Developing future generations to succeed current leadership must be intentional to ensure organizational sustainability. Thankfully, leaders exist in every generation no matter what position they may currently hold in your organization — you just need to identify and develop them.

More often than not, direct managers may not be the best mentor for an employee. resecō offers leadership development programs that provide training for your organization. Additionally, we leverage our experience and expertise to mentor your current and new staff members. We cultivate a strategic development plan to meet the goals of your organization and the desired growth of your associates. Our leadership mentoring plan is in writing, with key activities, performance objectives, and milestones. This ensures accountability on our end, while also guaranteeing transparency in terms of providing value for your investment.

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