CDC Officially Endorses Masks On Public Transit

CDC Officially Endorses Masks On Public Transit

News Brief headerOn Monday, Oct. 18, 2020, The Centers For Disease Control And Prevention (CDC) Officially Encouraged Passengers To Wear Masks While On Public Transportation. This Guidance Comes More Than Seven Months Into The COVID-19 Pandemic, And Many States And Transportation Providers—Especially Airlines—Already Enforce Mask Requirements.

The CDC’s announcement is nowhere near a nationwide mask mandate; it is merely a “strong recommendation.” However, the CDC’s position may strengthen the efforts of transportation providers and state officials who have already been requiring masks while on public transit.

“Broad And Routine Utilization Of Masks On Our Transportation Systems Will Protect Americans And Provide Confidence That We Can Once Again Travel More Safely Even During This Pandemic.”
– The CDC

The CDC encourages everyone on public transit—staff and passengers—to wear a mask while traveling to help limit the spread of COVID-19. The organization went so far as to recommend that noncomplying passengers should be removed if they don’t put on a mask to travel.

Employer Takeaway

Employers that employ transportation workers or have staff who travel frequently should be aware of this new CDC guidance. While the guidance itself is not enforceable, it does indicate transportation providers may be stricter about masks moving forward. That means anyone who must travel for work should have a suitable face covering and be prepared to wear it, else risk their seat.

Learn more about the importance of masks on the CDC website, including a list of individuals who should NOT wear masks.

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