Navigating COVID-19 in the Workplace – Webinar

Navigating COVID-19 in the Workplace – Webinar

This presentation covers return to work considerations and includes additional resource recommendations. Covering the issues and action steps business leaders may wish to consider, while navigating through this new COVID-19 environment.

Topics Include:

  • Pandemic & Infectious Disease Preparedness and Response
  • Office Re-Openings and Updated Workplace Layouts
  • Employee/Visitor Screening
  • Social Distancing Measures and Behavioral Changes
  • Updates to Cleaning Procedures
  • Education on Common COVID-19 Symptoms, and Planned Responses to Symptoms and Positive Employee Tests
  • Paid Sick Leave and Emergency FMLA
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Download a pdf copy of “Navigating-COVID-19-in-the-Workplace”

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