Trends at a Glance: Wellness Programs

Trends at a Glance: Wellness Programs

Trends at a glance headerA wellness program is an organized program intended to assist employees and family members in making voluntary behavior changes that reduce their health risks and enhance their individual productivity.

Wellness programs vary widely in design and may offer opportunities or incentives for improving health and wellness, such as increasing fitness, losing weight, managing chronic health conditions or quitting smoking.



Data within this Trend at a Glance is based on the 2020 UBA Health Plan Survey and are based on responses from 11,788 employers sponsoring 21,980 health plans covering 1,366,186 employees nationwide. Reseco Insurance Advisors is a member of United Benefit Advisors (UBA) and by using this data, we can help employers more accurately evaluate costs, contrast the current benefit plan’s effectiveness against competitors’ plans, and adjust accordingly. This gives employers a distinct competitive edge in negotiating rates—and recruiting and retaining a superior workforce.

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